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Dear The Series

Dear The Series | DEAR Future - Guided Journal

Dear The Series | DEAR Future - Guided Journal

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Dear Future is a beautifully crafted guided journal, that was designed to help people uncover their unrealised potential. 

With over 120 prompted questions that have been carefully written to encourage thought-provoking answers, all with the intention in mind to guide people to think more deeply about their future. 

People that write down their goals and ambitions are 42% more likely to see their goals come to life. Thousands of people aren’t reaching their goals, simply because they are not writing them down. By writing down goals, it helps to embed them within our subconscious. 

Dear Future was created to guide people through questions to make them think of what they truly want in their life.

It’s all about encouraging and igniting a fire within people to get excited about their future. 

It helps you to look at what could potentially lie ahead for you if only you started dreaming about it today.

  Over 120 prompted questions

  • 120gsm paper 
  • 150 pages
  • Fabric cover gives the book the highest protection



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