About Us


It might sound cliche, but owning a store like Found My Way has quite literally been a dream job for us. So when we first saw the store had come up for sale about three years ago, there was no way we were missing out on the opportunity to make it our own.

For many years, every baby shower gift, birthday present and treat to ourselves could be bought right from where we stand today, and we loved everything about being regular customers and keeping up with all the beautiful stock.

It wasn’t just the products in the store or the gorgeous look of the shop when it was freshly laid out with new items, it was also a lot about the feeling you got when you walked into it. The familiar greetings from staff and other customers you almost always ran into, and the atmosphere that had the ability to brighten up your day no matter what.

The shop became something really significant in our lives, and carrying on that little bit of magic as its owners was a total no-brainer. So we did just that. And after 15 years of Found My Way being nestled in the heart of Windsor, Invercargill, we were handed over the keys. Ever since we’ve been putting everything we have in us into making it a shopping experience for our customers like no other. 

From designer handbags and wallets to baby shoes, homeware, art, beauty products, clothing and everything in between, our brick-and-mortar store is home to locally and internationally renowned products we’ve searched high and low for — for people from all walks of life.

How we felt as loyal customers is exactly how we want you to feel every time you shop with us. Whether it’s an in-store visit or communication over an online order, each interaction should be unique and individualised. And why should you expect anything less? 

So if you’re new here or popping back in to say hello, welcome. We are so grateful to have you.

With love, Hailey and Jan.