Wall planters: Liven up Your Indoor Area in a Few Easy Steps

Wall planters: Liven up Your Indoor Area in a Few Easy Steps

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Vertical gardening has taken the interior design world by storm as a way to create vibrant living spaces and make a big statement in the home — and we’re all about it. No longer are plants needing to be rooted to the ground and in the outdoors, but we’re now seeing people’s love for all things green making their way into bedrooms, lounges, bathrooms and kitchens all over the place.

Style Your Space

Whether it’s a peace lily, a vine or a fern, wall plants can add a whole new level to your space and work to tie all the elements of the room together. With plenty of options to mix and match with colours, textures and sizes, there’s always an opportunity to add character to a space and give it a bit of a nature-inspired feel. When you’re wanting to switch up an area of your home, you don’t always have to add a bunch of expensive furniture for it to look good. Making small tweaks like adding a wall planter is an affordable way to really make a difference.

Go green!

Multiple studies have been done on the overall health and well-being plants have to offer us as humans — they make us feel good and for more reasons than one. From helping to reduce stress to improving air quality, supporting cognitive health and improving environmental wellness, there are so many benefits to having plants around us. After all, we can’t actually live without them!

Easy to Look After

Too often we avoid doing things that take us too much time. When you’re juggling work commitments, family time and everything in between, you want the things you have in your home to require very low maintenance. Wall planters are a prime example of this — all it takes is a bit of watering regularly, depending on how much hydration the specific plant your planter is housing needs. With little effort needed to keep your plants looking fresh and healthy, putting up wall planters is a no-brainer. 

Malmo Wall Planters by Potted

Because we are such big fans of wall planters, we simply couldn’t miss the opportunity to have some of our own in store for you to purchase. The Malmo Wall Planters by Potted are a gorgeous set to spruce up your home in a subtle yet effective way. Choose from two sets of three planters made from luscious stoneware and you’ll have heads turning in no time. Check them out here!

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