Best Materials for Baby Clothes

Best Materials for Baby Clothes

Best Materials for Baby Clothes


If you are expecting a baby or shopping for someone who is, you might be wondering what the best baby clothing materials are. Keeping little ones safe, warm, and comfortable is of utmost importance - and not all fabrics are suitable for their delicate skin.

So, what materials are best for babies and children’s clothes? You need to find clothing that is soft and gentle on sensitive skin yet durable enough for everyday wear. As a general rule of thumb, organic, natural fibres that are hypoallergenic are among the best go-to’s for baby clothing. 

At Found My Way, we make sure our selection of baby clothing exclusively contains only the highest quality fabrics. Let us tell you a bit about which fabrics we love most - and what makes them so good.

Organic Cotton

You might be thinking all cotton products are the same, but that is not the case. Whereas regular cotton endures a fairly shocking amount of chemical processing before being spun into a finished product, the making of organic cotton products completely avoids using nasty chemicals.

Proper manufacturing of organic cotton is better for the environment and the people involved in its production. Because no harmful chemicals are involved in its manufacture, you can trust that the dyes are safe for a baby’s sensitive skin.

All premium organic cotton products are measured against the Global Organic Textile Standard, also known as GOTS. GOTS-certified organic cotton is the most trustworthy, high-quality cotton you can get because you can trust these textiles were made using industry-best practices.

That means:

  • No harmful pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides or synthetic fertilisers were used on the organic cotton farms.
  • All employees throughout the supply chain received fair and ethical treatment.
  • No extra environmentally hazardous materials were used in the textiles, including auxiliaries and colourants.

Your baby deserves nothing less than the most scrumptious, softest, gentlest fabrics. Here at Found My Way, we supply top quality organic cotton products from some of our favourite baby clothing suppliers in New Zealand, such as Burrow & Be. Check out our collection today!


Merino wool is considered to be one of the best quality natural fibres available. Biodegradable, natural, and renewable, merino is the right choice if you are looking for environmentally friendly textiles that are also wonderfully soft and warm.

One of the best features of merino wool is its superior temperature regulation. As infants cannot yet regulate their body temperatures, temperature control is an incredibly important consideration when choosing clothing for babies. 

The simultaneous breathability and insulation of merino mean your baby will be protected from temperature extremes when wearing this fabric. While it is super toasty and warm when you need it to be, merino also buffers and absorbs water vapour, so the wearer does not get that clammy feeling when sweating. 

It is also resistant to creasing, repels stains and odours, and is easy to wash. Merino is the perfect go-to material for versatile, year-round comfort for babies. 

Check out these delicious Lamington merino socks that we supply at Found My Way - so good for warming your bub’s cold toes!


Often more breathable than cotton, the quality of linen is not to be underestimated. It is excellent for hot summer days, helping regulate your baby’s body temperature and help them stay cool. Thin handkerchief linens in clothing - especially that which we supply here at Found My Way - are deliberately made to be soft enough for an infant’s delicate skin.


Ultra-soft yet durable, bamboo textile is a great fabric for dressing your baby. Eco-conscious parents will love the fact that bamboo is organically produced, plus non-allergenic and gentle on sensitive skin. It is also excellent for temperature regulation, adjusting to your baby’s body temperature to prevent them from getting too hot or too cold.

More tips for choosing baby clothing

The textile choice is not the only important factor you should consider when choosing baby clothing. Make sure the clothing you buy will be easy to put on and take off wriggling bubs, looks comfortable and snug, and has sufficient room for your baby to grow. 

Booties should also have plenty of room for fast-growing feet. Additionally, the neck should have no cords or ties - as these are a safety hazard for babies.

Avoid shopping for synthetic materials such as polyester because these are generally not good for babies - especially newborns. This is mainly because they fail to regulate body temperature and keep babies dry.

Where can I buy premium quality baby clothing?

Here at Found My Way, we supply top quality clothing for infants, toddlers, children, and adults alike. Our selection of baby clothing is carefully curated to include only the best, most gentle fabrics to optimise the comfort of our little ones.

Shop our collection now or get in touch with us if you want to know more about how best to dress babies.

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